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We live what we do. Everyday we try to achieve our best and will be proud to make you happy with our good quality products and the way we treat our animals.


Our Free Range Bio Farm

In 2005 we immigrated from Hamburg, Germany to wonderful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Our family has an old farming tradition and with that background, experience and philosophy in mind we manage our farm in Cape Breton. We treat our animals with respect and let them live in their natural environment in freedom without stress and any harm. We feed our animals without the use of chemicals and antibiotics, so we can keep our high standard of quality meat-products and delicious german recipes.

The results take place in our own life: Sibylle for example, is highly allergic to pork-meat, but if she eats our own meat she has no allergic reactions. If we treat our environment with respect, then we will also be treated the same way - you reap what you sow.

We sell high quality meat from our Berkshire and Duroc breed and we get meat from grasfed Angus beef cattle, which are treated the same way. We serve only markets in our region or sell our products direct at our farm. In this way we can guarantee that the cold chain will never be interrupted and we can sell high quality safe products to our customers. In this way we are always in contact with our customers and can respond to their feedback and requests.

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