Our passion for baking bread

Do you know the taste and smell of rustic, mouth-watering freshly baked bread? We would love to serve you the best bread-creations from our original german recipes!


Healthy and healthfulness could taste so good!

German bakers are renowned around the world as one of the greatest bakers, especially for their bread creations. We bake the Authentic German bread and use century old recipes to get the best results. The quality of German bread is incomparable, the variety of different flavours and different types is superb and the ingredients we use are all natural. Try our rustic bread and you can`t stop eating it. Especially with our cold cuts or Bavarian Leberkäse (a type of meat loaf popular in Germany and Austria) you can`t beat that! We bake for you Artisan White Bread, Sesame Sunflower Bread, the famous Schwarzbrot (Tiroler Vesper), Sourdough Whole Wheat, Pumpkin Sunflower and Sesame Seed Whole Wheat Bread.

Did you know that German bread is up for UNESCO cultural protection? Stay tuned!