Bio Botanic - for your Health & Beauty

Selected herbal and floral products made with love at our farm in Cape Breton


About Bio Botanic

Why did I create the bio botanic line of herbal and floral products? I have a deep love of gardening and appreciating and using the herbs and flowers that are grown. As a health care provider, I believe in clean simple living and doing everything we can to nourish our bodies and souls while avoiding potential harmful chemicals. As a midwife and supporter of families I understand the importance of protecting and nurturing life from conception on. My undergraduate degree in nutrition taught me so much about micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals. And as a lifelong nerdy girl, I love digging in for more information and I am always learning how a plant can be understood and used. For that reason, I am now studying herbal medicine through a Canadian College.

I now find myself on 50 fertile acres in the bush in Cape Breton where I finally have the environment to experiment and grow to my hearts content. Fortunately, the land on the bio farm has never been exposed to pesticides or chemicals and we practice the principles of permaculture and organic gardening. It is time to share with you what I have learned and can now have the freedom and opportunity to create.

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